Landing page

Landing page is one-page website, which briefly describes the product or service, gives short information about company, needed contacts and feedback form. Its main goal is to call user to make an order or make a certain action. This is an effective way to generate leads and attract constant customer flow.

The timing of landing page creation is several times faster than a regular site, but you need to understand what it will take from 5 days to develop a site structure that will be truly successful in guiding a customer through a sales funnel. We always take into account your interests and are ready to offer 3 tariffs for the development of a landing page, according to your goals, objectives and preferences.


  • Single page site with standard number of blocks.
  • Contains information about products, services, about the company, discounts and promotions, feedback form./li>
  • The design is adapted for dekstop and mobile devices.
  • The site contains a larger number of blocks, including a dynamic counter for the end of the promotion. CallBack Hunter can be connected.
  • Multilingual.
  • Engine (Wordpress, Modx, Joomla).
  • The design is adapted for dekstop and mobile devices.
  • Landing page with the maximum number of blocks.
  • Multilingual.
  • Engine (Wordpress, Modx, Joomla).
  • The site is developed with a unique design.
  • The design is adapted for PC, mobile devices and tablet.

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