Workflow Automation

Speed up realization of tasks and innovative ideas, sell more, take under control all communication channels with electronic business management tool Bitrix24.

Spyrius Group introduces modern increase efficiency systems. We help to automate workflow, customize the CRM system individually for your business, and also provide technical support at all stages of using the system.

For who will be useful Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 allows you to control big quantity of tasks, organize employee work, including remote. Every step of work on projects is in a system.

Directors, top managers, department heads

Bitrix24 offers opportunity fast react on clients and have uninterrupted dialogue with them. This is also ideal system for sales management.

Sales Managers, Call Center Specialists

Bitrix24 provides single space for communication with all company and storage of necessary documentation. This is ideal platform for joint project management.

Employees of small, medium and large firms

CRM has endless possibility, and therefore at the very beginning there are difficulties with its setting. Our specialists use Bitrix24 daily and have work experience with this system more than 5 years. They know all possibility and subtleties of the system, so we are ready to share our experience and skills, introduce Bitrix24 and teach you and your colleagues and, as a result, automate workflow.

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